My name is Lianne Oosterbaan. I am Dutch, but in 2017 I moved from The Netherlands to the United Kingdom and I have been living in London ever since. I am an economic anthropologist and work at the University of Hertfordshire, UK.

I have been hiking and camping as long as I can remember. First with my family, later with friends and solo. My first long-distance solo-hike was the Pelgrimspad in The Netherlands in 2015. During this trek I went on my first solo bivouac and solo camping.

After moving to London in 2017 I started walking alone almost every week to explore the city and the countryside surrounding London. As most of my new friends were not much into hiking and camping, many of the hiking trips I made were solo hikes.

With this guide to hiking and (wild)camping I hope to show that solo hiking and solo camping that it is fun, exciting, and worth the challenge. The hikes on this webiste range from day-walks to multiple day hiking trip, all of which I have walked myself.

So, pick a route and let’s get outside!