Texel: 2-day hike

This is one of the most beautiful hikes in The Netherlands. It is a valhalla for any nature lover, but especially for birdwatchers. Texel offers the best nature reserve in The Netherlands to spot spoonbills and many other unique waterbirds. This 2-day hike of 40.7km is well-marked with yellow/red.

Day 1 – 21.5km: Starting in ‘t Horntje, where the ferry from the mainland docks, you follow the route towards the west-coast of the island where you walk along the Mokbaai. You pass the Horsmeertjes before you reach the beach. Along this beach section of the walk you pass Strandpaviljoen Paal 9. This cafe/restaurant lies slighly hidden from the beach, but is definitely worth visiting for lunch or just a hot drink (vegan options available).

You leave the beach for dunes and woodland to reach Ecomare, a nature museum, aquarium, and sanctuary for seals and birds. Not far beyond lies De Koog and campsite Kogerstrand where day 1 finishes.

Day 2 – 19.2km: Taking off from campsite Kogerstrand you walk through dunes and two nature reserves, De Muy and De Slufter, to reach the ligthouse near the finish in De Cocksdorp. From here you can take the bus back to ‘t Horntje to take the ferry to the mainland.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star) or download the gpx file via OpenStreetMap and let’s get outside!

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