Klompenpad: Thornspiccerpad

A marvelous and diverse 20km circular walk through farmland and pasture, alongside Veluwemeer, and through heath landscape, sand drifts, and woodland. Elburg and Doornspijk have plenty of cosy cafes for a drink of meal during or after the walk.

The route can be started in Doornspijk or Elburg, both connected by bus from Nunspeet trainstation. This well-marked route can be quite muddy after a day of rain.

Between Elburg and Doornspijk you walk on a dyke with views over Veluwemeer. Before turning away from the water make dure to vitis the birdwatching post for closer views over Veluwemeer and the waterbirds.

The route continues over dykes, now between pastures, towards Doornspijk. In Doornspijk you cross the Zuiderzeestraat West do reach the woodlands and farmlands of Klarenbeek.

The most spectacular part of the walk starts soon after, when you enter nature reserve De Haere. The heath and sand drifts of De Haere are extraordinary, amplified by the unexpected encounter with bisons, camels, and zebras. The official route only takes a small corner of the sand drifts, but I suggest to make a slightly bigger loop over the sanddunes to take in the full beauty of it.

The route continues through a holidaypark and once you exit you should see signs for Ampies Berg. If you have some time to spare, the beautiful gardens of Ampies Berg are definitely worth a visit. Just beyond Ampies Berg is Rustpunt De Oase where you can take a short break and enjoy tea or coffee.

In the woodlands and farmland around ‘t Harde you will see the historical House Schouwenburg. It is not open for visitors but from the trail you’ll get beautiful views on the house, the stables, and garden. The next section passes over farmland but this route can be very muddy so an alternative route is inserted in the map. If you do follow the original route through the farmland you reach Oostendorp Inside the beautiful mill the bakery De Bakkersmolen Elburg prepares and serves delicious breads and sandwiches. From here the route is somwhat boring along the main road back to Elburg.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star), download the gpx file via OpenStreetMap, or download the route map at klompenpaden.nl and let’s get outside!

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