NS-wandeling Wezepsche Heide

A pleasant linear walk (16km) between Zwolle and Wezep through the outskirts of Zwolle, over the IJssel, through the picture-perfect streets of Hattem, the impressive woodlands near the Molencatense beek, and the beautiful heath landscape around Wezep. The route has quite a few stretches over cycling lanes or trails parallel to roads, making the walk not quite feel as isolated as you’d like for a nature walk.

The route is waymarked, but since the route is intended to be walked the other way around, from Wezep to Zwolle, the marking is not always visible. However, I chose to start the walk in Zwolle because that would save the best section of the route, the Wezepsche Heide, for last. Also, next to Wezep train station there is a cosy pub De 7 Heuvels for a perfect ending to the walk.

The first section of the walk is just to get out of Zwolle as soon as possible and once you’ve crossed below the N337 the real walk begins. The route through woodland and alongside the Zwolle-IJsselkanaal takes you to the beautiful IJssel. If the riverbanks are flooded, you may choose the alternative route (point 1) over the IJsselbrug rather than underneath. The route crosses the IJssel over the long Hanzeboog bridge.

A cycling lane with an unfortunate lack of views over the IJssel brings you to the picture-perfect Hattem. There are plenty of cafes here for a break before heading to the woodlands along the Molencatense beek. The snug restaurant Herberg Molecaten is perfectly located near an impressive estate. After crossing a motorway, where the first views of heath landscape already present itself, you finally enter the Wezepsche Heide. The route only just misses an excellent viewpoint, worth the small detour, before heading towards Wezep train station where the walk ends.

Add the route below to your Google Maps account (click on the star), download the gpx file via OpenStreetMap, or download the route at ns.nl and let’s get outside!

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