Hatfield Countryside Circular

This 18km circular walk crosses a diverse landscape in the countryside between Hatfield and St. Albans. The route starts and finishes at Hatfield train station.

The route starts at Hatfield train station and follows the Alban Way until just before St Albans. The Alban Way is a cycling and walking track on a disused railway line. An old station and signage to beware for ghost trains remind the visitor of the history of the track.

The route continuous through countryside and farmland to reach the stunning Symondshyde Great Wood. These woods are spectacular in April-May when the southern part of the woods is carpeted by bluebells. These woods also almost guarantee the sighting of Reeves’ muntjac deer.

Just beyond the Symondshyde Great Wood you cross a farm where a local brewery is located. The 3 Brewers of St. Albans sell their beer to take home or enjoy at the farm. From the farm the route passes a stone quarry and soon after you reach Hatfield Garden Village and back to Hatfield train station.

After the walk the pub The Eight Bells is waiting for you in Old Hatfield, opposite the train station. The Eight Bells is a historic public house where Charles Dickens stayed and wrote during the 1830s and The Eight Bells is believed to be the pub that Dickens’ fictional character Bill Sikes visited.

If you still have time and energy, I highly recommend a visit to Hatfield House and gardens or at least visit the Stable Yard with the excellent Coach House Kitchen just before the entrance to Hatfield House.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star) or download the GPX file via OpenStreetMap and let’s get outside!

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