London LOOP: Coulsdon to Ewell

A lovely 14km walk through South London countryside. This route combines two short LOOP sections (sections 6 and 7) and starts at Coulsdon South train station and finishes at the trainstation of Ewell West. As this route goes through the Mayfield Lavender Fields, this walk is especially worth the hike in July and August. The waymarking on this route is really good, so you could probably find your way relying on those alone. However, I carried this guidebook by Colin Saunders to find my way.

The walk starts with a gently ascending route to get out of Coulsdon and to reach the open country with pretty meadows, the Mayfield Lavender Fields, and wooded landscape. The walk crosses the Banstead Downs Golf Course, which can be quite busy, so watch out for flying golf balls. Towards the end of the walk you will go through the lovely Nonsuch Park and Bourne Hall Park to finish the walk at Ewell West trainstation.

Add the route map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star) or download the gpx file via Openstreetmap and let’s get outside!

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