Broadstairs to Margate

A lovely 10 km coast/beach walk from Broadstairs to Margate (1 hour 45 minutes by train from London Victoria Station, buy a return ticket to Broadstairs). On this walk you can stay on the beach for the entire duration of the walk, or you can walk on higher ground up the cliffs. There are a few moments where you can switch by going up or down, most of the time these paths are pretty clear. The walk is not very long, so you could walk back and forth, once taking the beach route and coming back the high route. The route is not waymarked, but easy to navigate since you are just following the coastline.

On arrival in Broadstairs, there are plenty of beach-side cafés for a coffee before setting off for the walk. There are not many places to eat until arriving in Margate, but you definitely should not miss The Captain Digby for lunch or a quick stop. Especially if the weather is good enough to sit outside this pub offers beautiful views over the coast and Kingsgate Castle.

Along the beach you get beautiful views over the water, the cliffs, and the famous Kingsgate Bay Sea Arch and Botany Bay. In Margate there is plenty to do the remainder of the day if you finish the walk in Margate. I highly recommend The Old Bank Bookshop full of great secondhand books and the Beach Buoys for some lovely vegan “fish” & chips.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star) or download the GPX file via OpenStreetMaps and let’s get outside!

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