Hertfordshire Chain Walk 02 – Cuffley

The Hertfordshire Chain Walk is a series of 15 linked circular walks (hence ‘chain’) through Hertfordshire with a total distance of 140km (87miles). This second walk in the series is 18 km (11 miles) long and passes near Cuffley station, making that the most obvious start/end for this walk. This route passes through farmland, the woodlands of Wormley Woods and Home Wood, and along country lanes. It is a nice and varied walk, but it does contain two sections of roadwalking that require extra care as cars drive quite fast down these lanes. The route is not waymarked and can get quite muddy and in several sections.

I walked this second section of the Hertfordshire Chain Walk in counter-clockwise direction, starting along a slightly hidden footpath at the end of a parking behind a community centre. The highlight on this route is Wormley Woods, with boardwalks and several benches to take a break, have coffee, or eat lunch. However, to reach Wormley Woods you first have a long walk over tarmac along a road to leave the village of Goffs Oak (where there is a pub and a small number of shops).

After Wormley Woods, there is about 800 meters of roadwalking on a not very busy road, but cars do drive very fast here. There are two pubs and a coffee/bakery foodtruck in the small village of Newgate Street. You may want to take a break here and prepare yourself for the second stretch of roadwalking, again about 800 meters, before turning into a footpath through Home Wood.

On leaving Home Wood you enter the outskirts of Cuffley, and through residential streets you go up a hills and then along a footpath back down through a stretch of woodland and farm lanes. Not too long after you again enter the residential streets of Cuffley and there are several shops and coffee shops around the trainstation where this walk finishes.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account or download the GPX file via OpenStreetMap and let’s get outside!

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