The Swale Circular

The Swale Circular is an 18km (11 miles) long walk that starts/ends at Teynham train station. This is a beautiful and quiet walk through fruit orchards, along The Swale, and through agricultural land with pretty cottages. This walk is one of my favourite walks near London.

Starting at Teynham station, I walked this route clockwise. After the colourful single row of houses the route goes through fields and along fruit orchards to reach the small village of Conyer where there is a pub.

A large part of the walk is along a beautiful section of The Swale with lots of birds and very few people. The last section along the water is through the small Oare Marshes Nature Reserve, a popular birdwatching spot.

The route then turns land inwards towards a harbour and a lovely pub, the Three Mariners. The final section are through pretty countryside scattered with lovely cottages.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account or download the GPX file via OpenStreetMap and let’s get outside!

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