Vechtdalpad: 2-day Hike

A beautiful and surprisingly varied trail following the Overijsselse Vecht from Mariënberg to Dalfsen via Ommen. This 2-day hike (34km) is part of the 7-day long-distance trail Vechtdalpad that starts in Zwolle and finishes in Hoogstede (Germany). The route is clearly waymarked with white/blue although some short sections briefly divert from the waymarked route. The first day the route is mostly through tranquil woodlands while the second day follows the Vecht more closely with wide views over the floodplains.

Day 1 – 18km: The first day of the walk feels very isolated through tranquil woodlands and mostly off-road tracks. Starting in Mariënberg, at the train station, you follow the route along the Mariënberg-Vechtkanaal towards de Overijsselse Vecht. You only briefly encounter the Vecht here as the route quickly takes you into the woodlands of nature reserve Beezerveld. When you cross the Beezerweg there is a holiday park with a restaurant and a café, Bultje’s Eetkamer. Alternating woodland, farmland, and waterside, the trail reaches Ommen, where day 1 finishes. There is a good selection of hotels and B&Bs to choose from in Ommen. I stayed in Hotel De Zon, which was perfectly fine with excellent breakfast. For dinner I highly recommend Suri Special where they have the best vegetarian roti.

Day 2 – 16km: The second day leads you through a very different landscape compared to the first day. While the route starts with woodlands, you soon reach the small village of Vlisteren. After this point you mostly walk alongside the Vecht with wide views over the river and the floodplains. Unfortunately, the route largely follows a trail parallel to a cycling lane, which means that this section is busier, especially on weekends. At Point 1, the waymarked route goes straight ahead passing Hiawatha Actief where they offer a small selection of refreshments. However, turning left at Point 1 means you reach the Overijsselse Vecht earlier and is a nicer route than the original. With a view on Dalfsen on the banks of the Vecht, the walk reaches its end at the train station. In Dalfsen there are plenty of cafés, restaurants, and ice-cream shops. The shop in De Westermolen sells local fresh produce and souvenirs.

Add the map below to your Google Maps account (click on the star) or download the GPX file on OpenStreetMap and let’s get outside!

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